MineSquish and Chunk Error on 1.2.5

April 8, 2012 in Chunk Error, MineSquish by welshpixie

Howdy, Minecrafters!

We were going to hold off on updating the servers to 1.2.5 until after ‘the move’, but since it’s a long weekend, Rusty has decided to have a crack at it this today so that when we get the new server, all he has to worry about is moving and not updating. Right now Rusty’s working on moving the MineSquish whitelist application and Chunk Error application forms over to the new site. When that’s done, he’s going to start updating the servers – so expect some down-time later on today. Use the time wisely by posting on our new forums! \o/

Previously, the MineSquish server (aka the ‘main’ server) and Chunk Error ran on two separate machines, both with 16GB ram, small SSD drives and quad-core processors. On Tuesday (10th April), we’ll be buying one dedicated server of slightly better specs (16GB RAM, a bigger SSD and dual quad-core processors), so both servers now have to fit on one machine (or at least until we’re stinkin’ rich enough to buy another server!). Chunk Error is actually a lighter server setup to run than the MineSquish server, so the MineSquish server will be undergoing some ‘slimming’.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Changes to the Creative World – http://minesquish.indiesquish.com/2012/04/08/minesquish-creative-world/
  • After updating to 1.2.5, the museum world will no longer be a part of the server. It WILL be temporarily available for download for anyone who wanted to save the world or any of its builds.
  • The Creative world will remain untouched and intact for about two weeks to give players a chance to save any builds they want to keep.
  • Pixieville will be removed. IF we find that the server is running light on resources and has some to spare, we’ll re-add it.
  • The Nether and End from Serenity will be permanently disabled – the Nether and End of the Exploration world will remain active.
  • The main world (Serenity) will stay exactly as it is, with no changes. Hurrah!

For Chunk Error players, we’re hoping that the update will enable us to recall the Merchants from yet another extended leave, to be fully functional and bug-free. Here’s hoping! As always, please check the Known Bugs & Implemented Fixes forum post (new link to the new forums there) for changes.

Have fun, and thank you for your continued patience and support!


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