Minesquish Creative World Changes

April 8, 2012 in MineSquish by welshpixie

Hey Minesquishers!

We’re streamlining the main MineSquish server a little in order to make it run more smoothly, and cut down on the amount of work the staff need to do in maintaining it. However, we’re still wanting to keep a balance between this, and keeping the place a fun Minecraft server for our community to play on.

The current creative/museum world set up is a LOT of work for the admins – having to constantly clear out the world as well as take the time to move great builds to the museum world. It’s a nice idea in concept, but the execution requires a lot of effort.

When we move the MineSquish server over from MCWB to IndieSquish, we plan the following changes to that setup:

1) The Museum world will be removed. If you want to save anything from the world, we’ll provide the world for download for a limited period of time.

2) The creative freebuild world will remain a fixed-size freebuild world, but will be wiped on an automatic schedule once a week.

3) For players who build awesome stuff that they want to keep, we’re adding access to the wand tool that will allow players to select their build, save it as a schematic with an easy-to-use command, and then download that schematic from their profile page here on the website.

This solution drastically cuts down on the amount of work the admins need to do, cuts down on server resources required because we’re eliminating one world, and at the same time still provides a freebuild world with means for players to save anything they build that they want to keep. We hope it’s a solution you all find agreeable 😀

– Pixie

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