The Boys Are Back In Town!

April 13, 2012 in MineSquish by welshpixie

Yesterday evening marked the move of our MC servers over to their new Chicago host and their following transference to RAMdiskย  (less lag, weee!). Something else of notable import happened on the server last night, however – the re-introduction of the Purgatory players back into the main world.

Purgatory was the server for players who were banned from the main world for ‘lesser’ crimes (anyone who, for example, was banned for an excessive amount of griefing would not have had the option of playing on Purgatory). The players were given a second chance to prove themselves on Purgatory – and for most of them, that’s exactly what they did. Of course there were a few bad eggs who ended up banned from Purgatory too, but the rest of them worked hard together to build a friendly and awesome mini-community on the Purgatory server. They rediscovered the values of respect, rules, and friendliness, and forged a strong Minecraft community between themselves.

Because we had to slim down the MineSquish server now that we’re merging MineSquish and Chunk Error onto one machine, we decided to do away with the whole Purgatory server and reintegrate the players back into the main server. They packed their belongings up in the Purgatory Ark, and sailed across the seas to dock last night in a distant corner of Serenity:

Please do your best to welcome them back into the community – and once you find out where they are, pop over and take a look at their builds – they’re pretty darn good! ^.^ You can also see a video that Kongering recorded of the Ark being pasted back into the main world:

In other news, the Server Status page has been updated to reflect the current status of the MineSquish server. You can find it on our MineSquish page menu by hovering over ‘MineSquish Server Info’. Make sure you check it frequently for updates, server bugs, etc.

Happy crafting!

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