The Freebuild Challenge

May 28, 2012 in MineSquish by welshpixie

The MineSquish server is proud to introduce a new bi-weekly freebuild challenge!


  • Each challenge will have its own theme. Your build has to connect with the theme somehow, but you can be creative.
  • The challenge will remain open for two weeks, giving you two weeks to complete your build.
  • Each person is only allowed one build, and each build can only have one builder (solo challenge).
  • You are only allowed to build in the designated area and NO WHERE ELSE on the map.
  • You have to name and sign your build.
  • Please be considerate about space, and respect other builds.

The winner will be announced by the build-off spawn and on the forum (maybe with an exhibition of the winning build, but the size of the build will determine that). The admins will vote on the winner (the admins online when contest is ending will choose which build they like the most. Not necessarily the BEST build – this could also be the most original idea, a humourous build etc.)

We build for the pleasure of building, the challenge, the training, the inspiration and the lolz (and maybe a bit of honour!).

Remember that even if you don’t win, it doesn’t mean that your stuff wasn’t good. This is for fun!

Sunday/Monday we announce the theme for the next two weeks in a separate thread on the forums (and will write the theme and ending date on the signs on the challenge map). When the time is up, the admins online will go through the builds, and vote/fight over/choose a winner. Screenshots are taken for the forums and if possible the build is displayed by build-off spawn. The winner name is put on a wall of fame by the build-off spawn. The area is cleared and next theme announced.

To get a flying start, and to celebrate that our Skylands are back, the first theme is Flying!

You can reach the build-off world via the Greenleaf portal room, lower floor.

Have fun, and happy building!

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