The Indiesquish Review - #4.2

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The Indiesquish Review - #4.2

Postby Fauxx » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:02 pm

Hi everyone! Fauxx here with this week’s weekly update. With the server being a bit quiet over the last few weeks, we wanted to take this time to improve the Minesquish experience for all of our players, both new and old. Our current home world, Greenleaf, has seen a lot of use over the last year, but as time has passed, we’ve started to accumulate some abandoned houses. In an effort to keep the world functional, beautiful, and welcoming to our current playerbase, as well as any newcomers, we are starting a campaign to clean up Greenleaf. This will affect all builds that are currently unowned, so if you think you might’ve forgotten to put a sign on your house letting us know who owns it, take a look and double check! In one week, on March 20th, we’ll be regenerating the land these builds sit on, to clear up the land for others to build on. If your home does have a sign on it, don’t worry, nothing will happen to it. Again, this only affects unclaimed, abandoned buildings on the Greenleaf map.

The last Buildoff theme, Winter Wonderland, has been given a bit of a cold shoulder lately. Moving forward, the Buildoff will be taking a slight break, but it will be making its way back eventually.

Featured Builds
We are currently working on a quick and easy submission system for you all to send in pictures of your great builds! These pics will be featured here in the newsletter and possibly even on our social media accounts! We’ll keep you guys updated as this plan moves forward.
Skull Mountain
Deep rumblings have been heard from the depths of Skull Mountain! Past adventurers have bravely fought through the terrors that await below us, but what could these new, strange noises mean for us? We’ve sent our best hunters into the mountain to try to figure it all out.

The Adventures of Igdiana Jones and Ezra Ravenwood
Many past expeditions and adventures brought fame and fortune to these pair of daring archaeologists, and they’ve recently been spotted in Greenleaf. The world itself remains largely unexplored, as most settlers have elected to stay closer to the safety and security of Willowshome. The daring duo were last seen heading Northeast from Willowshome, towards the lost town of "Port Cutlass". We were unable to get any more information from Ezra before he dashed off to catch his friend. Maybe our own brave adventurers will catch up to them on their journey. Are you up to the challenge?

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