The MineSquish server is a family-friendly survival and creative Minecraft server. We’ve been running for over three years and have a strong, large community of players of all ages, from as young as five years old, who form a part of our cozy IndieSquish family. We have strict rules on language and behaviour to guarantee that the server is always a fun and relaxed place to hang out and play Minecraft – especially for young children and families. We are a whitelisted server; this means that you can’t connect to the server unless your name is on our whitelist (the application form is linked below). Our whitelist requirements are light enough to give everyone the ability to join, while also ensuring that the only people who join are active and friendly members of the IndieSquish community who respect our rules.

Server IP: mc.indiesquish.com
Server Maps: http://minesquish.indiesquish.com/maps/
Server Rules: http://minesquish.indiesquish.com/minesquish-server-rules/
MineSquish Guide for Parents and Children: http://indiesquish.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5673


The application form is here – http://minesquish.indiesquish.com/minesquish-application/ – READ IT CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY. 


Becoming a donating member will give you a a cyan name in the server chat, ‘Sponsor’ rank on our forums, access to your own 16×16 world from anywhere on the server for private storage, and access to our in-development Role-Play world.

You can access our donation page here – http://indiesquish.com/support-indiesquish/


You’ll see some players have different colour names in server chat. This is what they mean:

  • RED: Administrators
  • ORANGE: Community Helpers
  • CYAN: Donators
  • GREEN: Master Builders


  • A protected spawn town called that’s completely safe from monsters and offers some basic services like workbenches, furnaces, beds and safe trading rooms.
  • An integrated rail and road system with large main lines that run in all four cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) on the map, right to the map border, with small stations along the way. Players are encouraged to continue their own rail and road networks that branch from these main lines.
  • Lockable chests, doors and furnaces – you can either privately lock, or password-protect, your chests and furnaces.
  • Protected plots for players to build their houses
  • Secure storage in a separate ‘void world’ that only the player owner can access

  • Sihnon – the main survival world, for player homes
  • The Freebuild World – A creative-mode world where you can build creatively, with a full inventory, ‘god mode’, instant block breaking, and flying
  • The Exploration World – specifically for resource gathering, a large ‘hard mode’ world that’s wiped and re-rolled around the first of the month every two months (April 2013, June, etc.)
  • The Build-Off World – a creative-mode world where we run frequent themed building challenges
  • The Big Build World – a survival world for building mega-structures
  • The Role Play World – a donator-only roleplay world with quests, dungeons and adventures! See the Khaltess wiki for more information


  • The Freebuild world operates on the inbuilt ‘creative’ mode of Minecraft; no damage, instant block breaking, flying, a full inventory, etc.
  • Players have a limited map border in which to build their creative masterpieces. The map will be reset / cleared whenever it fills up, but players have access to a ‘save’ command to save schematics of their builds which they can then download from the MineSquish website (details on how to do this are here – http://indiesquish.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1407).


  • /region info – tells you information on a plot (plot number, who owns the plot, etc)
  • /mine – claims an empty plot if you do not currently own a plot
  • /rank – displays your builder rank
  • /spawn – returns you to the spawn point of the world you’re in
  • /sethome – sets your current location as your home location
  • /home – returns you to your home location
  • /lwc – lists all of the LWC command used to protect your chests and furnaces
  • /cprivate – protects your chest or furnace so that only you may access it
  • /cpassword – protects your chest or furnace with the password of your choice
  • /cremove – removes all locks on a block
  • /msg username – sends a private message to that user
  • /motd – displays the Message of the Day
  • /halp – useful for getting out of sticky situations, teleports you to Sihnon spawn from any world


The MineSquish Staff (admins, moderators and community helpers) are here to keep the server a friendly, fun place to hang out and play Minecraft. They make sure our players are playing nicely with each other, and are having fun while abiding by the MineSquish server rules. They are NOT here to run around answering every player’s beck and call or to serve players’ whims in any way. They are to be respected and listened to at all times. While this all sounds quite serious, we’re also all very fun, friendly people and will help you with genuine help requests whenever possible.


  • Spawn items for players
  • Clear land for players, unless in the traditional sense with a pick and shovel, if they aren’t busy and want to help out
  • Change the time of day or the weather on any world other than the Creative worlds
  • Cuboid-protect player builds
  • Create personal portals
  • Visit players on request for anything other than dealing with rule-breaking or bugs (if you want to show off your build, take a screenshot and post it in the Server Media forum)
  • Refund items lost by theft or griefing when we don’t have logs or clear evidence of what was stolen/broken
  • Refund items lost as a result of bugs*

* – Despite Minecraft’s official release, the game is still in a state of constant updating and bugginess. The same applies for Bukkit and all plugins that we use on the server. By playing on our server, you accept that bugs can and do occur, and that MineSquish staff will accept no responsibility for items lost because of bugs. Our advice to players is to travel lightly and keep all important belongings in chests.

Please remember that our staff are very busy people. They don’t only administrate the server, but also the website, forum and chat room. Our staff  are people just like you – and they also like to play Minecraft and actually participate on the server. Please be considerate when you see a member of staff online on the server and don’t hassle them needlessly. Instead of asking repeatedly for a staff member to come and see what you’ve built,  take some screenshots instead and post them to the Server Media section of the forums. Thank you!

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